January 18, 2005


The world isn't black and white, and in my view it is people who think it is who cause most of the problems. Groups get entrenched in their positions, only talking to people who agree with them to the point where they actually generate their own patterns of language no one else can understand.

The right wing press love stories of "Firebrand Islamists on benefits preaching hatred." I'm sure they would be really disappointed when Hajj said to me on camera

"No one would set a bomb in this country unless he was a nutter."

Hajj is one of Mr. Hamza's closest people, so whose is the most realistic depiction of Fundamental Islam? I came to Finsbury park because it was billed as a centre of "Radical Islam" in a threatening sense. I like to go as far as possible to the other side in an attempt to find common ground much more than I like talking to people who agree with me. It's much more interesting and how else can anything get sorted?

In the same way, to depict all US soldiers or republicans as evil wouldn't be the whole picture either. Looking through blogsville you can find soldiers who genuinely want to free Iraq from Saddam and give its people back a stable country.

There are also genuinely caring conservatives. In the run up to the US elections I was really pleased to find Jejus Khans attrocity commiting death machine written by a Texan called Chris. Now he wasn't a caring conservative, but he was hilarious and easy to wind up.

During our debates he drew the attention of a blogger called "Rightwingsparkle." A Republican, a fan of Ronald Regan, but also a staunch supporter of racial equality. Reading her stuff I can tell that she is a caring conservative, who genuinely believes the west is under threat from "Radical Islamists."

For anyone of "leftwing" tendencies who may be bored of talking to people they agree with I would definately recommend rightwingsparkle. not only does she seem to be a genuinely caring conservative, she's also got a blinding set of gnashers.


RightwingSparkle said...

I am hoping gnashers are teeth.....;-)

DAVE BONES said...

Sorry, excuse my cockneyisms, Jenjus had trouble with them too. Yes, gnashers are teeth. What else could they be which would constitute a set? Your pictures are all from the shoulders up.