February 07, 2005


Mirror, mirror on the wall...Who is the exposed: New preacher of hate today?

Jamal called on his way to an emergency meeting. He believes that the mosque was taken over at the weekend by some Muslims from the other mosque In Finsbury Park along with a member of the Respect coalition party. He alleges that they might have the financial backing of the Saudi government.

Apparently the Police were involved and would not let Mr. Abdullah back into the mosque. Reading the Mirror article just makes me laugh really,

MUSLIM cleric Abu Abdullah is exposed today as a ranting preacher of hate.

An undercover Mirror reporter spent six weeks attending notorious Finsbury Park mosque where Abdullah has taken over from hook-handed Abu Hamza who is awaiting trial in Belmarsh jail.
He heard the cleric brand disbelievers "filthy", hail the "honourable brothers" of Guantanamo Bay and rail against the "infidel" West. Abdullah urged: "Stand up and be counted."
The Muslim Council of Britain said his views bore an "uncanny similarity" to the outlook of the BNP.

Now I don't doubt that Abdullah probably said all of this, Its just the way it is put. Mr. Abdullah believes that my malung lifestyle is filthy- and he bought me fish and chips once.

He definately "Hails the honourable brothers in Guantanamo" probably because he believes that they are innocent Muslims held without trial for 3 years.

As for the BNP similarities, I've been agonising over how to get this dealt with on film for ages. I wish the UBA guys had a chance to talk to the Muslim brothers in greater detail when they came to protest at Finsbury park. I am sure they would find a lot more in common than they would have imagined. There is a style of "street" Londoner that a middle class twat like myself cannot properly comprehend.

I was discussing this with Jamal just the other day (see ALLAH AND JALIAH)It's good that the mirror journalist gives a nod to them as well:

STRANGELY, some young worshippers are dressed in designer gear, Nike trainers and Levi jeans, and sport neatly trimmed goatee beards.

Read the whole mirror article here

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