January 26, 2007

Mr Sweeney told the jury about evidence from a student at London's Metropolitan University who had been offered accommodation, via Yahya, at Ibrahim's address in Dalston.

He said that, according to the witness, Ibrahim claimed to have done "military training" at a camp in Sudan and fired rocket-propelled grenades.

Ibrahim and Omar also attended Finsbury Park Mosque, where Hamza preached, according to the witness.

They allegedly
had tapes of his preachings and those of another preacher Shiekh Faisal.

"Both Ibrahim and Omar had extremist views against the UK and America and would often discuss jihad in Iraq, Afghanistan and Chechnya," Mr Sweeney said, in his account of the witness's evidence.

"Both men seemed keen and willing to go there and fight, including fighting British and American troops in Iraq."

Four of the alleged plotters, Ibrahim, Omar, Yahya and Manfo Asiedu, had been on a camping trip to Scotland in 2004 to "get fit for jihad", the court was told.


He added: “Yassin said he didn’t believe that 9/11 was done by Osama bin Laden. If I recall correctly, he said Abu Hamza had said that and Abu Hamza knew Osama bin Laden.” Mr Bentley said that after he returned to university he lost touch with Mr Omar, and after 2002 saw him very infrequently.

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Anonymous said...

From the Bank of England sanctions Muktar Said Ibrahim was listed at 32b Farleigh Road, Stoke Newington, London, N16 7GH.

However, there is no 7GH postcode and there is no-one registered at the 32b address. The postcode for 32 Farleigh Road, (Shacklewell) Stoke Newington, is N16 7TH.

'Manfo Kwaku Asiedu'/'Ishmael'/'Smiler'/'George Nanak Marquaye'/'Sumaila Abubakari' is a enigmatic character in the current court case.

The transcripts of the trial record that it was (let's call him) Manfo Asiedu who went to the police of his own accord on 26th July 2005. News articles of 30th July 2005 report Whabi Mohammad as the '5th bomber'.

Asiedu's name first comes to light on 8th August 2005 (14 days after his visit to the police station - the maximum holding period without charging him).

The Met Police knew at least on 16th August 2005 that 'Manfo Kwaku Asiedu' was not the man's real identity.

Something strange afoot...........

More research is here.