January 23, 2007


Yes yes, happy new year and all that. A lot of people are benefiting from storms in Britain at the moment. I'd be happy if a brand new BMW washed up on my shore. There is another huge media storm about a girl called Jade in my country. I think Channel 4 are right in what they have said. The nation is benefiting from the ensuing debate, and so is Jade. She should have some therapy sure, along with the rest of Bermondsey.

I love Jon Gaunt in The Sun. In one statement he's critisizing Channel 4 about the Big Brother race issues and in the next he's calling a woman who wants to teach wearing a burkah a "dalek". he goes on to critisize a Muslim Policewoman who says she can't shake the Police Commisioners hand. Didn't know its against her religion to touch the hand of a man who isn't her husband Jon? Neither did I until I spent time amongst Muslims. We are all learning something in my country.


They are sending Jadel to India. That ought to do it. She should be careful over there though. Film stars are like gods, she could be strung up. Honestly I reckon Channel 4 will be vindicated. How many government directives against racism could ever actually reach people like Jade and hold their attention? Big Brothers got them all talking.

The Indian Tourism Ministry has published advertisements in several British newspapers reading, “Dear Jade Goody, once your current commitments are over may we invite you to experience the healing nature of India.”


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