August 28, 2007


"I recognise you from Finsbury park!"

familiar words from a Policeman, this time at the Notting Hill Carnival.

Trouble is he was standing in a "Do not cross this line" stance and my friends were jumping over a fence and appearing behind him. Apparently I pushed at him a coupe of times and he actually threw me to the floor. We did drink three bottles of Rum between err.. not very many of us.

Still I do feel totally mortified and if I saw the guy again I would apologise.

I've been on many protests and seen bad behaviour on both sides of the law. I've pretty much stayed out of it, so to revert to this "us and them" so easily when all I had to do was back off and jump over a fence is very scary. I think I've got to hold back on the grog really.

Carnival was great though. The middle bit was fantastic. No trouble, not too many people. Good sound systems, I remember people punching me when I tried to cross the carnival route, I don't really remember the journey home.

These days I am having as much fun with legal drugs I don't really need to carry illegal ones.

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