August 24, 2007


I'm just enough recovered to tell you...

Take the band to Britanny? Why not we thought. We hadn't been able to rehearse coherently here for a while so we thought spontaneous "Impossiblism" in front of whoever turned up in Britanny might give us some inspiration.

What can I tell you? The Druid, the van, The Impossiblettes, A Venue built into a rock of granite, The Bretagne freaks coming out of the woodwork...

A lamb sacrificed and shared amongst the people.

I didn't feel I had done myself justice musically after the first gig, as we had just come off an 11 hour ferry ride, so I was pleased when the next act, Parhal and Birgit asked me to join them. They joined us for our second gig in a cafe in a beautiful river valley in Normandy.

Thanks to our wonderful hosts and all who have made The Impossible possible.

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