July 10, 2008


OK, its got a christian cult based on the knights templar whose aim is to cleanse Britain of Muslims by the sword. This cult is led by a charismatic Christian. Its got a couple of brainwashed orphans, one of whom cuts a Muslim's head off with a sword. It ends with the discovery and subsequent burning of a hidden vault of crosses, supposed to include the cross of Jesus. The evil cult leader burns with the crosses. All of this and it still comes across as tepid. Is it me? Is this made by the same luvies who made Britz?

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Christianity-is-not-leftwing says

Extremist Christian sect beheads a Muslim? - Welcome to the weird and whimsical, wonderful world of 'Bonekickers' the BBC drama designed to make the unchurched believe - well - anything. And of course the scene is shown in graphic and sickening detail so that there can be no doubts about the subliminal message.

Chances of getting away with portraying this idea with religions reversed? - Approximately zero!


The Wondering Brit said...

typical of a new series - they all over act.
It's a cross between the Relic Hunter and Bones

DAVE BONES said...

I thought it was quite a good thriller, it was just blatantly stupid, same verdict as Britz.