July 16, 2008


Online at the Frontline club A Fragile Soverignty

Chaired by Jon Snow (C4)
Patrick Cockburn (journalist and author)
Toby Dodge (QMU, London)
Major General John Batiste (via skype)
Yahia Said (Revenue Watch Institute and LSE)
Dr. Ali Al-Dabbagh (Iraqi government - via skype)


Graham Holliday said...

Dave - you can embed the vid from the event from here if you want,


Just click the embed button directly below the video pane, copy the code and paste it into your blog :)

It was a good debate. Thanks for promoting

DAVE BONES said...

cheers I will make it down to one of your screenings one day.

Graham Holliday said...

Look forward to it. All the best and thanks for spreading the word with the video.