May 17, 2009


Times Article

Not happy. He said he wrote a reply to The Times in the comment section but they haven't put it up. He was also angry because he gave a story to The Times when he came out. He is worried that as Atilla's release date approaches stories like this will appear in the media.

"They will try to destroy him."

His central argument with the story is this- Why, if Mohammed Hamid was under close surveliance even before he met Atilla was "A squat in South London" never mentioned at any trial? Apparently Atillas wife has records of the surveilance which proves Atilla met Hamid at his house 19 times- and nowhere else. Musa also says it was proven in court that Atilla had no connection to the 21/7 bombers.

Musa has never distanced himself from his brother. He has consistently said that when Atilla wasn't in Finsbury park or with Hamid or with his family he was with him all the time. I was wondering if Atilla could have done things Musa hadn't known about. Musa was adamant.

"100%- if a million percent was possible- if Atilla was doing something I would know about it. The story is bullshit. Atilla never tried to take over Stockwell mosque. When I came out I could have made up any number of stories about Muslims inside and sold them to the papers for money. When we were inside a visiting governer was brought to Atilla and I by the officer who wrote a statement for Atilla. He said that we were model prisoners and wished everyone was like us. Its not an act. Atilla's behaviour is consistent today. Some Muslims didn't like us getting on with the screws, but most of them were fine. A few obviously didn't like Muslims and were nasty, but I could ignore them. My lawyers had to contact the BBC three times to change their story about me. They were trying to make out I was a terrorist who had gotten away."

Musa is pissed off.

Obviously I don't know who is behind this story and I can't varify any of it, but I find the idea of Fundamentalism being taught in a squat to be dubious. I would guess that I am the only connection between squatting and Fundamental Islam.

UPDATE: do take a look at anonymous comment below relating to some information about a squat from a court case.


I.:.S.:. said...

"I would guess that I am the only connection between squatting and Fundamental Islam."

don't forget me!

i comment on the times website all the time but i don't think they've ever published one of mine.

DAVE BONES said...

ha ha I left them a comment "Stop being a baby and put Musa's comment up. It says "Have your Say...""

Anonymous said...

Do yer research, Dave:

From Paragraph 9 of this hearing involving Respondent 'AP' ('Elias Girma Eyassu' aka Jeffrey Obwana/
Geoffrey Obwona/Jeffrey Obonwa/Jeffrey Obwona/Geoffrey Obwona/Jeffrey Obwana/Geoffrey Whittaker etc. etc. - all from the JCdM inquest transcripts)

AP's own links to extremists. One such extremist, so it is alleged, was Magan Hashielmi. His connection with AP stems from the fact that they were two of five men arrested on 19 October 2002 for an offence of causing grievous bodily harm arising out of what was claimed to be their eviction of squatters from a property in London SW9. Of the other three men who were arrested, AP admits that he subsequently discovered that two of them – Delroy Bowen (who AP knew as Bilal) and David Jetawo – had connections with Abu Hamza. AP claims that he was merely attending an Islamist social gathering at the property, and it is fair to say that he was quickly released without charge. Another such extremist was Ali Muhiddin, a friend of AP who was subsequently convicted of an offence related to terrorist training. And then there was Ramzi Mohammed. Like Hamdi, he was one of the would-be suicide bombers involved in the attacks which were planned to take place in London on 21 July 2005, and in July 2007 he was sentenced to life imprisonment as well. AP claims that he only got to know Ramzi Mohammed through football: Ramzi Mohammed used to play occasionally in football matches which AP used to play in regularly from 2003 at White City. AP claims that four of the people who he was eventually to travel to Somalia with – a trip which forms an important part of the Secretary of State's case against him – used to play in those matches: Dawit Semeneh and Joseph Kebide would play regularly, and Nathan Oqubay and Zulgai Popal would play from time to time. Do you know any of the names Dave?

DAVE BONES said...

No one told me their real names. That says they were evicting squatters from a residence but were claiming to be attending an Islamic gathering there no? Its not really clear.

Anonymous said...

David Jetawo was caught in a peculiar sting (the cops were lying in wait for the armed gang - suggesting a set up/infiltration of the gang). Jetawo was arrested along with Jamal James, Darren Davidson & Ryan Campbell (driver), as they tried to rob 'Gateway Import and Export Ltd' in Magnet Road, Wembley, north London.

James, of Ravensdale Gardens, Upper Norwood, was sentenced to 10 years. Jetawo, of Alexander Dumas House, Brixton Hill, and Davidson, of Hamilton Road, West Norwood, were both sentenced to 11 years. Campbell, from Streatham, was sentenced to nine years.