July 22, 2009


Actually I haven't smoked any herb for two months, or any of the evil weed either. I have had to avoid a bit of social for a while, but managed to get totally pissed the other day without smoking a single fag for the first time. I can watch people smoke without wanting one, its no big deal really.

Anyway, I am not a big fan of other vices like trash TV but I must admit I have really been enjoying Hotel Babylon. I remember this from a few years back. I took no interest in it at the time. On this relaunch I have been hooked since the beginning. Episodes are available on the iPlayer here.

The script is mainly comedy. It is light and silly. A bit kinky, not enough for my liking, but still for family entertainment it is really quite fun. I like all of the characters. All of them except the guy who owns the hotel who sounds like kermit the frog. He looks like one of those bland failed Rugby player types and he is familiar from some other mainstream TV I have successfully managed to avoid. Probably a Police show as he looks like a copper too come to think of it.

He didn't turn up from episode one scene one and when he did, without giving the plot away, it wasn't certain that he was going to stick around. I was a bit sad when he did as he doesn't act as well as kermit, but the other characters managed to hold my attention, particularly the sexy, scary east European cleaning lady.

I watched the latest episode earlier based around poker, where a cunning buisnessman was trying to get the hotel off of the green fella. I was cheering for the cunning stunt-er. I was almost hopeful when frog voice lost the hotel in a game of poker but sadly it was not to be. Overall this is just bubblegum TV which I shouldn't really be watching but save for the kermit influence I can't help liking it.


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