July 19, 2009

Lambeth Country Riot

Well that was fun for all the family. Goats, Chickens, Llamas, Eagles, Vultures, Owls, Sheep, Flower arranging contests, Cactii, Tents full of hollistic healing, stages full of reggae, a fair ground with rides full of gleefully screaming punters whilst a rioting mob of a hundred or more black kids went steaming back an forth pursued by a similar sized group of white Policemen. Before I left I spotted riot Police gearing up behind one of the attractions. I'm going back for more, with the camera this time!



African neocon said...


trust you are well? i bet you have been paid by the fucking sun, no? how about my share of the shit? after all, i did campaign for you and promised to stop looking at those stunning busty page three girls (there goes my wank).


need your wisdom and experience...two white goons posing as journos but really fucking spooks training a shite army. sod's law they get picked up. now they are going to tried according to the rules of osama bin fucking laden (they are definitely shiting themselves now the fucking frogs).

what's the history of jihadis trying foreigners?

need your estimate mate.

african neocon

African neocon said...

mate, you can get me on baba.journalist@gmail.com

DAVE BONES said...

You are involved in this shit dude? On which side? Hang on I get back to u

I.:.S.:. said...


As I'm sure you know there's nothing new whatsoever about spooks posing as journos...

The interesting thing is that they were picked up by forces loyal (at least ostensibly) to the "official Somali government", such as it is, whose intel/security personnel they were supposedly there to train... But are now being handed over to al-Shabaab. They are very unlikely to get out alive.

Nobody likes spies, but jihadis particularly so. A charge of spying from the Taliban in Pak-Afghan is a guaranteed sentence of decapitation, whatever the "truth", and evidence for spying could be, for example, having a scrap of paper with something written on it in English in your pocket.

I.:.S.:. said...

Here is a new manual by Abu Yahya al-Libi called "Guidance on the Ruling of the Muslim Spy" that might be of interest.

African neocon said...


Thanks for those links. It was a interesting read. I'm seriously praying they (al shabaab) opt for clemency re the french hostages.

Once again, thank for the links.

african neocom