September 08, 2009


Well second time around and a reported 21 million pounds later they finally got a guilty verdict for three of them at least. I watched the first of these trials and I wondered what the jury had seen which the rest of us hadn't. I remember remarking at the time that after watching the tapes in the public gallery I was really suprised that a white jury hadn't convicted all of them.

There is a lot of blah in the news about how this inconvenience everyone who flys went through after the arrest of these people was all justified etc. With the convictions of only three of the group I am really interested in the stories I am not reading as they all made pretty similar videos in the same room at the same time.

The airline bomb plot: a reminder that Britain is at war with Islamist militants (Telegraph)
(The debate in the comments below is more interesting than the article)
Channel 4 News

UPDATE: We are going round again


Roddy Radiation said...

After working 4 juries, the CPS has finally secured a conviction of 4 of the original 21 No. arrested.

I do not think that the CPS could have allowed this prosecution to fail.

Why was this operation (Overt) tied up (in all the finance reports) with Operation Overamp (police surveillance of Mohammed Hamid's meetings)?

Another 'terror' case operation involving early police surveillance. Right on the 911 cue-ball(ocks)....

Indigobusiness said...

The human race is at war with itself.

Anonymous said...

It has now come out that surveillance was being carried out on some of those accused of involvement in this plot, including cameras/mics in the very room where it is reported that the 'bombs' were made!

Or was it the room that the 'Martyrdom Vidieos' were made in? I dunno, it is all so confusing & around 9/11 to boot...

If they knew of the plot to that level of detail, why then, implement the airport security restrictions AFTER those allegedly involved have been arrested?

I know that duty free sales were down, but fer fookssake...

Twisted logic that prevails today.

This plot was sponsored by 'The Airside Drink Retailers Association'.

I pity the spooks who are involved with this all this terror twaddle, who can't tell their missus what they've been up to during a normal day.

DAVE BONES said...

They had a bug in the room the videos were recorded in if I remember rightly. Of course they will introduce restrictions. If Al-Qaeda are experimenting with taking liquid bombs onto planes in this country they can do it anywhere.

Indigobusiness said...

Our undoing will ultimately result from our fear of what THE OTHER might do to us, and the extent our mad efforts go in preventing it. Not in what is actually done TO us. That's the genius of terrorism.

Far simpler, and less costly, to find some diplomatically tolerable stalemate allowing us infidels to be about our lost way and so focus our lives and resources peacefully.

But then what would the Profiteers do for sport and glory?

DAVE BONES said...

I have no idea I am sure.

Umar Abdullah said...

Im still not sure about this case. On the one hand, there seems overwhelming evidence because of the tapes, but on the other, what are juries seeing that we don't on BBC news. I mean it must be the most prejudiced jury in history since the dreyfuss affair, and they STILL get hung juries. Im very confused and am thinking about going along to the next retrial so I can see whats going on.


DAVE BONES said...

Bang on Umar. I am right with you on this. What are the jury seeing which we aren't?

These guys make suicide videos, possess expolsives which actually work, claim in their defence that they are making a fake TV programme and the jury can't decide? What the fuck is happening?

I want to know.

If you do sit in the public gallery be prepared to justify yourself to anti-terror Police who also sit there. I had a run in with them. They were totally cool with me- no complaints whatsoever but I am white and Non-Muslim.

Umar Abdullah said...

Hi Dave,

Surprised the Anti-Terror police would be allowed to question you if you're in the gallery, presumably the only justification I need is that im a member of the public and want to watch the wheels of justice turn?



DAVE BONES said...

Of course and that is a valid reason. They only questioned me because they saw me speak to a jury member who I knew and bumped into by chance. She was sitting on another trial, but they weren't to know that.

I think it is important to remember that they are trying to prevent terrorism and talk to them accordingly. Give us a shout if you go down there when the trial starts again.