September 13, 2009


Well they got that one nailed down no worries. With the Thames festival winding down around it heads with blatant yellow jackets with "Reclaim The Beach" written on the back manhandle sound systems and decks down onto the beach as soon as the tide starts going out and everyone parties till the tide comes back in. No interest whatsoever from the law, a good time had by all and everyone pitching in on clean up duty at the end. Well done to all involved. Listening to all that dancehall at night in a T-shirt almost put me back in Jamaica.

At one point when some friends left and before others arrived I was dancing having a good time and noticing most people were standing around posing and chatting. The only people going for it, and whose vibe I could feel were a couple of kids. I spoke with their mum.

"I know you aren't supposed to take your kids raving, but we were here anyway and they are having such a good time.."

"Yeah," I agreed "It takes the rest of us untold drink and drugs to get to the same level as these guys are at naturally. Its ridiculous".

Things got a bit leary so the mum removed her nippers and I missed them.

Some people were doing balloons of laughing gas, or hippy crack as some call it. I have been experimenting with Holotropic breathwork which has pretty much the same effect, so I got some people to experiment with it to compare the effect, just in case they didn't have to waste their time breathing in N20.

I thought that it would be pretty funny if I have spent the last however many years getting myself in whatever states on whatever pills potions and drinks and all I had to do was breathe in and out really deeply for the same effect.

I haven't done any drugs for almost five months now. I was really surprised there was nothing wrong with my throat after years of bongs, so I didn't immediately restart my habit once I got the all clear. I don't feel any healthier, or in any better state of mind. I play the guitar the same which is nice, as I always thought I needed a bong to play the guitar which I obviously don't, so maybe that is good.

Dealing with friends with mental health problems is making me feel old, and making me feel there are better, more interesting things to do than the same drugs or even new ones. Having the number of the local secure unit on my phone still feels wierd. Old and drug fucked is not a good look, and if I have got away with it, I have got off lightly.



Hertz Hertz said...

Nice one Dave! :) You don't need that shit. Glad you stopped while you still have the looks. ;)

DAVE BONES said...

Cheers babes! Hope all is OK in China