December 12, 2009


I don't really join in the Climate Change debate that much here, being a bit more War on terr-r based over the years but I do try and take an open minded interest in all sides and try to get my head round it all. I used to argue against climate change "Deniers" over on Sparkles blog. I felt quite justified just cos the US is a major polluter in anyone's book. I have never held a fully formed belief about the validity of the science, though I must admit I am wavering a bit. My point has always been a simple one- there are no pro pollution arguments. Its a good idea to reduce pollution.

I like going to Climate Camp, I like to experiment with ways of using less energy. I try not to drive if I can cycle or take public transport. If I get a van next year I will try to run it on waste vegetable oil. I am fairly anti-consumerism, I'm not really pro Capitalism in its current form.

Anyway do read Patrick James Henningsen's blog from Copenhagen: Copenhagen’s Climate Change Titanic Heading for An Iceberg which has become an item of debate over at Sparkles place here.