January 09, 2010


And a happy New Year one and all. Haven't written for ages I know. My computer blew up in a pretty spectacular fashion a month ago and I haven't been in a hurry to replace it. About six of the pins on the 20 pin connector between the motherboard and the power-pack actually fried themselves. I am not sure if the motherboard is bust or just the power-pack but I reckon its high time to upgrade anyway.

I spoke to Musa a while back who has recently lost his father. He was upset that the authorities didn't let Atilla out for his dads funeral. Hopefully he will come by soon and we can catch up. I am not sure if I am going to do any more filming this year, as I am concentrating a lot more on music. We did a really successful gig in Battersea for Acid Monkey, which was a really great party all round, heaving with 2 or 3 thousand people AND they got the bloody name right on the flyer! Probably our best audience ever, so thanks to all involved in getting us on the bill, and particularly to Orchid Star who it was really nice to hook up with again after many years.

I am recovering from xmas new year and my birthday which passed with lots of rum, so thanks to Wray and Nephews for that, and to the farmer for the knock out Calvados which is in the Pastis bottle on the right. I will be mainly focused on recording for the next coupla months but I will pop by.

Here is a really interesting chill mix for a mellow new year

Clifton's Cafeteria Winter '09 Mix by RandallRoberts

and just to pretend I am keeping my hand in here is an interesting article I found about division within Jihadi circles.



Lazy said...

Happy New Year to you too.

Hey can I have the graphics card from your blown-up computer?

I haven't been blogging either but I have loads of stuff to put up once I find myself somewhere where I can settle into a computer for a few hours....

Cuddles to everyone up there in the ice and snow....

DAVE BONES said...

I think you have the same graphics card I have. Are you coming back to the UK?