February 13, 2010


I missed a party- a rave in Dunravin st? How Ironic.

Obviously, whilst I have spent my time filming people with controversial views I haven't been that into sticking it to people of a different religious persuasion. One of my best bloggin mates is a Catholic. Having said that I do like and totally agree with what Stephen Fry is saying here at the The Intelligence² Debate. Christopher Hitchens speaks here. The Intelligence² site is here.

Otherwise I have been recording, or at least trying to. Its very hard to play my style of guitar along to a click but I'm glad I am finally giving it a go. Hopefully we'll be able to get some of the stuff we have been improvising for the last few years into some tracks along with a decent amount of synths and samples. Its heads down for the next coupla months.

Have I blogged about Baritones before? I think I have, but I never got round to buying one. I tried a Fernandes a long while back which was really deep and bell like in the lower tones and had an amazing sustain. There is a surprising amount of of choice when it comes to electrics, but virtually none for acoustics outside the expensive hand-made route. As my sound involves making loops and switching between acoustic and electric, I will probably need an acoustic baritone if I buy an electric. Who knows, I might end up exclusively playing baritones.

On this note I was wondering whether the guitar below might be the most convenient thing for me, as I could put in loops with the baritone and play along on the lead below. I can't imagine owning this guitar but it isn't that expensive and as its so obviously been such a labour of love for some Korean guy, I feel duty bound... Danelectro make a Baritone/Lead double neck as well but it isn't as pretty.

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