April 20, 2010


Odds currently 60 to 1

Read this before commiting

Can Nick Clegg win the election? (WSJ)

and an American with an Obama reference you might not have heard-

..The charismatic social democrat — who bears many remarkable similarities to candidate Barack Obama, including a connection to indicted Chicago real estate developer Tony Rezko...

This may also help-

We haven't got a fucking clue admit pollsters

..."We made have given the impression, through years of attempting to give exactly that impression, that we knew what were saying in terms of knowing how people are going to vote."

"It now transpires that you might just as well divide a field up into squares and see which one's got the most daisies in it. Actually, that's not such a bad idea."...

UPDATE: I don't know where I got those odds, looking around today the best odds I could get were 10-1 on a Liberal majority.


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