May 03, 2010

Oubliette show, Southwark

My Clegmania has subdued somewhat after two more debates which were basically reruns of the first, but I still hope for a Clegg victory, or a liberal-strong hung parliament, if only to shut those thieving mother fuckers at the Sun up. Who knows? Maybe politicians who talk sense will come to the fore and these fakes who expel hot air pretending there is some diference between themselves might be consigned to the past.

Anyway, really funny weekend.
Saturday we (the band) had to pull out of the trail blazing itinerant art show which is The Oubliette. We were booked to play the final night of their new exhibition but the noise Police had visited the night before with a stern warning. I cycled up to see if anything could be done about soundproofing, but as the floors were huge wooden beams which would turn into a soundbox with the least amplified encouragement and with so many windows onto the street it was a no go.
I hung around as it was obviously about to start raining, intending to let the sky get it out of its sytem and head back for more rehearsal. The threatening skies eventually delivered, and didn't stop delivering until two in the morning. I had a really great time stuck in a beautiful building with poets, performers and artists doing their stuff.

The whole night really inspired me and reminded me of a lot of stuff I had let drift. That art in empty buildings is invariably the best and most interesting in London, and that even conceptual artists who are driven to transform these places are always the least pretentious of the breed.

These photos are by Flavia Fraser-Cannon from the Oubliette website

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