November 04, 2010


Website used by woman who stabbed MP encourages further attacks (Telegraph)

A radical website has praised the stabbing of the MP Stephen Timms and published a list of other MPs who voted for the war in Iraq, along with details of where to buy a knife. The website, Revolution Muslim, is hosted in Bellevue, Washington, and includes a disclaimer invoking the first amendment of the US constitution, protecting free speech...

I took a look at this website just recently when I was reading something about Anwar Al Awlaki and I must admit I was surprised that it was featuring talks by Adam Yahiye Gadahn blatantly justifying terrorist attacks in the west and yet it was hosted in the States and on the same blog site I am on. I have noticed in the past that in Sweden and Norway Muslim extremists can get away with saying stuff they would be jailed for over here too but in post 9/11 America?

Looking again at Revolution Muslim they are well up on events over here, more than I am these days anyway featuring Mr Choudharry's writings about his CNN interview where he states he believed he has been entrapped by CNN into making statements supporting terrorism,

They also feature stuff I didn't know existed from Abu Izzadeens speeches upon being released from jail. He doesn't look like he has suffered any..

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