November 21, 2010


Well that's it then, The Impossible is over... or is it?

We were playing boring music. No one was dancing. I think dragging ourselves around abandoned warehouses improvising wasn't exactly inspiring us to make more music and the sequenced trance we started making sounded old before its time for some reason. Its a shame we never recorded the guitar/bass/drums live thing we started out with properly. Maybe London is the wrong place for jam bands. I have heard that Melbourne in Australia and Austin Texas are good.

Anyway endings and beginnings propelled me out into the countryside for a think which was good. I went to an event called Green drinks at The Green Dragon pub in Bungay where a guy called Simon Weeks gave a fascinating talk about the process he has gone through getting a small scale wind farm going. For more of this read Sustainable Bungay here also Cookpole Energy Action here.

It was very interesting for me as a Londoner hearing first hand about the much publicised NIMBY opposition to wind-farms, in an area which used to be well known for windmills. It seemed incredibly obvious to me that someone should start rebuilding classic windmills with updated internal technology. Even if they are less efficient it seems to me that two windmills which become a tourist attraction to the area might be better that one which is being stopped by a small amount of people complaining it is an eyesore.

Back to the music, getting all my equipment home made me realise that I have got a hell of a home studio set up I am itching to get into. Casting wide for inspiration I came across this, which is apparently classed as techno.

[hth001] Riino & Lorisloser - Stop (Original Mix) by Heaven to Hell Records

I have only made one track with this pulsing bass, but I quite like it, and you don't need a bass player to do it eh. I am wondering if I could put some sonic youth style guitaring and some live percussion together around this style of live set. It annoys me that music is so segregated these days, as although I like this, I can't see "minimal" as a genre on its own. I am sure djs used to let music expand and contract and progress over time like breathing. Maybe I am getting old.

hmmmm. Some more pondering is required.


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