September 10, 2004


I wish I had filmed all this. Mr. Abdullah basically said that no-one who kills children can call themselves Muslims, and neither can anyone who claims to stand for Muslims in this country and justifies the killings in Belsan. A Muslim is someone who prays five times a day and does good to those around him and never, never, never does he kill innocent children. He also spoke of 50,000 children murdered by Putins soldiers in Chechenya.

He called for a dialogue between Muslims and non Muslims wherever they would be happy to meet to stop further atrocities on either side and defeat those who would carry them out. He said that since his beloved sheik Mr. Hamza has been in Belmarsh four people have become Muslims as a result of talking to him and that they have all been removed from his presence. He wouldn't tell me how he had come across this information but swore it was true. He asked the media to tell people that the Muslims here want to talk on neutral ground with whoever is up for it.

Even the Police I was standing with seemed surprised by all this and Mr. Abdullah only said the word sodomite once during the whole hudba. He said he wasn't a terrorist and only fought with his tongue. Strong stuff eh?

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