October 02, 2004


Between chaotic squat moving spasms I actually got a chance to get to the mosque yesterday to find that Mr. Abdullah had found my blog. I was relieved that he didn’t hit me or stand in the street and issue a fatwa against me. Not until I can get a camera running anyway. I wasn’t really intending to keep it a secret. I just didn’t want to influence events in what I thought to be a very important story.

He made some criticisms from Islamic law which were fair, as I was in their mosque. I agreed to update anything we both agreed were factually incorrect. It felt good to be out in the open a bit more. He preaches a lot about the truth standing clear of all falsehood. I hope any Muslim who now finds this will see it as an attempt to report the truth as I see it and excuse some of the language for the sake of truth.
(Though I can’t find a verse in the Koran to back me up in this request.)

I asked a few of the guys who appear in the background of shots I intend using if it was OK to include them. They were all proud to be standing next to Abu Hamza but pleased I had asked them and in this new spirit of glasnost I also got a chance to make up with my Muslim bookseller friend {see EVICTION, EXTRACTION AND EXTRADITION)

As far as drama was concerned if I had 5 cameras here I could have made my documentary in real time today. I’m lucky my blog didn’t provoke Mr. Abdullahs anger as he seemed to have a whole lot instead to show to another brother before, during and after his hudba until quite a long time after the Police were gone. Everyone got involved except for the 20 or so bemused Police.

He seemed to think this guy was a spy who was doing a deal with Barry to arrest Abdullah before reopening the Mosque. He preached that he’d rather have a gun to his head than accept man made laws and addressed most of this to Barry by name at some decibels though he came up to me afterwards and told me that Barry was a credit to the Police force.

Absolutely no idea whether the guy is a spy, actually feel a bit bad reporting the internal politics of Finsbury park mosque now, you can see the same thing at any religious or political institution. Better out than in I always think.

Although it would have made great TV action and as a tabloid fan I’d love to call this

“Bust up at Finsbury Park mosque!”

Suffice to say that it was nothing the Police took the slightest interest in arresting anyone for- just like the last 21 months really.

I heard a strong rumour that an attempt to reopen the Mosque was coming next week. I know Barry agrees that nothing has actually happened outside the Mosque in all this time that could not have concievably happened within and so as such this part of the war on terror can be declared an absolute waste of taxpayers money, but nevertheless a grandstand for sensitive Policing.

I hope the brothers can hold it together to get the place open next week and that it becomes all the best things they say a Mosque should be. The four of us regulars in Infidels corner are hoping to be invited in this time. Whilst the brothers were arguing we had a long discussion and agreed that Religion and Politics should in no way be expected to be separate issues. We quite enjoy all this Blair and Blunkett bashing and can’t remember hearing a lot which threatens our way of life whatever the fucking Sun says.

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