September 08, 2004


Finally had a look at the new UBA site and its very interesting. In one of the forum threads there are lots of UBA guys who are not suprisingly sounding off about recent events in Belsan. They are being answered by Muslims Stephen has encouraged onto the site who say they are sad about what happened. The "Proud to be British" guys then come back and tell the Muslims to piss off as they don't go far enough in their condemnation and ask them to condemn Omar Bakri's recent comments. Stephen moderates all this quite sensibly, encouraging the Muslims to stay on board. He seems to be a tad weary of running the site and nervous of Police attention.

At Hajj's place last night I asked him what he thought about Bakri's comments about hijacking schools. He said that if he saw Omar Bakri again he would slap him across his face for what he said. I think the UBA guys would be suprised that Hamza's friends have no time for Bakri or Al-Mujaaharoun. Some of the guys here believe Bakri secretly works for the government. One of Hajj's Muslim brothers also told me that he believed Russian soldiers had killed 45,000 Chechen children between the age of 9 and 16 in the last 10 years and reduced the population from 2 million to 800,000. I doubt if the Russian people are hearing that on the news and neither are we.

I asked Hajj if he would meet one of the guys from the UBA for a chat if I could arrange it for my film. He said he would talk to anyone, even racists.

" Arrange it. We meet in equal number or just one on one, in a cafe with nice food and talk about anything they want to talk about. We need communication."

Abdullah advised him against being on film. I feel now that I wouldn't want to make it without him. Hajj is a fucking diamond.


Anonymous said...

Why dont you and you're friends join us tomorrow,you obviously know where they will be meeting,we could all stand side by side in unity against these extremists,hajj would know where they are meeting and he could make himself known to us for your film and end all our doubts that he is an extremist,just an idea,A Patriot, UBA

DAVE BONES said...

Sorry I was aware of your event but had prior commitments and could not organise with Hajj to meet you.I am, however very interested in following this up and support any groups democratic right to protest. In the mean time do feel free to put forward your views about anything on this blog. Thanks again for your comment.

I.:.S.:. said...

Dave you're doing a good job with this shit this is real alternative journalism, big up and all respect. Regards,