December 11, 2004


Although I knew that the good people of Finsbury Park Mosque believed in a Zionist media conspiracy, lstening to Jamal's CD's and tapes has given me a new perspective of how they, and others I know in the "underground media" relate to the "mainstream media."

This was brought home to me last night when I suggested approaching BBC London to activists at a nearby squatted church I have commented on before. I was told that they would only agree to do stuff which they edit and present themselves and they had many approaches which they had already turned down.

I mentioned what Christine had done about us on BBC London and suggested that they were squandering a great opportunity for the issue of positive use of empty buildings to be up again on mainstream TV.

My main purpose of this blog is to report what I can tell from street level in Finsbury Park which all the other journalists missed out by coming with accusations and dissapearing. I am really, really proud of what I have.

I do not hate or fear the mainstream or underground media. Rather than complaining about it or shunning it I would prefer to try and get stuff up on it that I like. I don't care if I get turned down, its been fun trying.

As for things I don't know for certain, I am honest about them. When people ask me what I believe in, I usually say that I don't believe in belief. As far as I can tell there either IS a God, or there isn't. In the same way there either IS a Zionist media conspiracy or there isn't.

I have told Hajj and Jamal that my job is to report their views, and my honest impressions acurately. I still believe that this is the most important story in my country. If TV would not accept what I have, I don't mind but I believe the public should know ALL this.

I heard from Patrick at Idealworld that the commisioner of Independent film and video said this story was "What channel 4 was all about." I agree with this.

I get the impression that althought the Finsbury Park Muslims believe that Channel 4 is part of a tightly controlled "Zionist media conspiracy" the I.F.V. commisioner does not. A friend of mine has worked with her so I am gong to make enquirys.

I think that channel 4 would be proud to have this documentary,and include all the accusations of "Zionist media conspiracy" in uneditted form.

It interests me that both the Muslims and the squatters are quite possibly squandering possibilities for the truth to come out because of their beliefs about strangers.

Of course it could be me that is wrong. I don't mind, I loved making my last film, which I have not made anything out of, I love doing this one though it is considerably harder.

A Zionist media conspiracy? I'd have to start interviewing a lot of people outside Finsbury Park to do that one properly.

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