December 16, 2004


This is the reply I got from my friend who works at on whether channel 4 is a "Zionist Media Conspiracy" or not

hey fella, nice to hear from you, sorry to hear about your schtuck.

oh jesus christ, tell the boys to grow up. yes there are lots of
powerful jewish people in the world. to then think they all sit around
in smoky dark rooms deciding how to lie to people through commercial tv
is kinda crazy.

there is certainly an anti muslim agenda of many broadcasters / news
outlets, but that's as much christian as jewish. as much anti-terrorist
and ignorant as anything

c4 is probably the most pro-muslim big broadcaster in the uk.

but what's their fear? you make the film, c4 either show it or they
don't - conspiracy or not, it's not like they can turn a pro muslim
film into a work of anti muslim properganda. shurely?

Funny enough thats EXACTLY what they are suggesting and EXACTLY what has held up a realistic depiction of events at Finsbury Park getting on TV for over a year now- As far as I know.

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