December 06, 2004


My documentary is up in the air, after I managed to upset the main character in it, Mr. Abdullah. I accused him of being

" An obstacle to the truth"

because I thought (incorrectly) that he was stopping me talking to Hajj and Jamal.When I spoke to him at the mosque I got that impression because I didn't see either of them.

I found out yesterday from Hajj that he wasn't actually at the mosque:

" It's a sad situation up there, with the trustee's and the commisioner's and the opening and closing times. A mosque should be open all the time, serving food and providing a place for people to sleep; If Mosques and Churches did their job properly there would be no need for social security."

In times like this I open the Koran at a random page and read the first thing that appears to me.

" It may be that Allah will ordain love between you and those of them with whom ye are at enmity. Allah is mighty and Allah is forgiving, merciful."

I hope Mr. Abdullah is.

Talking to Jamal and Hajj last night I realised the main problem which has been holding me back for a year.

" Channel 4 will not put this on TV because they, and the BBC and the worlds media are run by the yehud." said Jamal.

" Well if you don't let me make it they DEFINITELY wont be able to put it on." I replied.

As it is such a major issue I think that accusation should go in the opening, before the titles. I can't see why channel 4 would not put an accusation like that on TV. I think that from Abu Hamza's friends people would expect nothing less.

At this point I honestly don't care if this gets on TV or not. I just want to finish this to the best of my ability. The media picture of the Finsbury Park Islamists is this:

1. They are EVIL.


3. They want to kill INNOCENT PEOPLE.

I think that making something which shows a different side of this story with what I have is like shooting at an open goal, and as far as I can tell it's not channel 4 who are taking the ball away. Sure, I can make this for small scale release, or for documentary festivals and have other intellectually superior documentary makers come up and pat me on the head saying

"Ha, ha didn't you do well with those Islamists for a first attempt?" before I stabbed them with a fork.

But if there was just one chance, I would prefer the people of my country to know the reality of what I have seen and whom I have come to know over the last two years.

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