October 18, 2006

Been very much enjoying David Blunketts revelations and of course other peoples revelations about him. I've always wondered how MPs make this journey from left to extreme right in their behaviour, listening to Blunkett tell it its all quite plausible.

My girlfriend took me to see Rosas at the Sadlers Wells. I hated it but its good to have a strong reaction I suppose. Lots of pretentious people dancing really pretentiously to annoying pretentious music. My girlfriend says it was

"a day in the life" and enjoyed the "interaction of sexual imagery" or something like that.

It was shite anyway.


Julaybib said...

Dance and its cousin ballet are art forms I never found an enthusiasm for. Except for doing the pogo at the 121 Club in Brixton circa 1985 in a flourescent green tie. Now that's what I call avante garde!



DAVE BONES said...

I was going to say I see more exuberant and more experimental dancing in a squat party on any saturday.

Indigobusiness said...

Any sort of contrived art is dead meat.

How many others at the unballet had bones in their ears, Dave?

I've been meaning to ask why you don't wear a bone in your nose...at least on special occasions?

DAVE BONES said...

I'd have to stretch the hole. Its possible but it reshapes the nose more than I'd like.

Indigobusiness said...

If you've got a hole, you have done it then..or, at least had a ring? So, any pics?

It wouldn't need to be a big bone to be impressive.

You bought 3 new guitars? How's the Gretsch?

DAVE BONES said...

Yeah its cool. I like playing it. None of them are as good as my original Westone with the cartoons but I need at least one spare so why not two?

They look pretty cool together.

DAVE BONES said...

yeah I've had a gold nose ring in my septum for fourteen years. I think you can see it in the preachers of hate vid. I'll find a picture.

Indigobusiness said...

Yeah, they do look good in the group pic. I love it when a plan comes together.

Interesting amp, too.

I thought I remembered a nose ring, from somewhere.

DAVE BONES said...

yeah i bought the amp for £15 when I was 16. Its just a piece of shit out of a catalogue but I love it. I've bought and sold Marshalls, Laneys and Boogies and its the only amp I've kept hold of. Its got an acutronics spring which makes it nicer than most valves I have heard.

Its only 30W so I might build it in to a power amp of some kind soon.