October 23, 2006


Maj. Gen. Joseph Peterson is the U.S. commander in charge of police training in Iraq. Today, he gave a teleconference interview from Baghdad to reporters in the Pentagon. His report, in conjunction with other news, paints a grim picture of the Iraqi Police Service (IPS).

According to MG Peterson, about 4,000 officers have been killed and 8,000 injured since September 2004. That is, of course, enough to demoralize any police force, never mind one that is in the middle of what I will lovingly refer to as a "Catastrophuck"
(with credit to Mr. Stewart for coining the phrase).

The news however, is worse. You may remember, that when Iraqi police stations were being attacked the police would simply run away - leaving all their gear for the militia. MG Peterson says that this is no longer happening; which is good news.

Well, it would be good news if that behavior hadn't been replaced by something even worse: active militia activity by the police. Yes, the reason they are no longer running away from the militia is because they ARE the militia.

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