October 19, 2006

Sparkle Exits, Stage left applauds

I cannot think of any right leaning forumn where I was more welcome. thank you for allowing me to engage in good hearted debate with you.

ditto from me. I always felt respected and learned a lot from your blog. Good luck to you and bless you for doing the work that you do.
My wife is and has been a caring geriatric nurse for 25 years and would echo what you say about the elderly not being visited by family.
Even tholugh you and I are often on opposite ends of an issue, selfishly I will miss your blog because it is the one that I most often directed my government students to read as a conservative voice of reason that had high standards for the treatment of people with differing views and to read about well researched conservative and liberal debates. Thank you for the blog I will miss it.
patricks | 10.18.06 - 4:12 pm | #

from way out on the left - from someone who disagrees with probably 99 per cent of what i've read here - thanks for your honesty and your decency. there's not a lot of it about. good luck and take care.
drago | 10.18.06 - 8:06 pm #

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