May 29, 2007


I haven't done many gig reviews here but I thought I'd try and write something about Chik Budo who I saw by accident last year at Camberwells Bonkersfest and finnaly caught up with again last night.

A live combination of two sax, a fuzzy punk bass player, and keyboards- no guitarist. They start with a dance music sensibility in the forefront, bringing in drums and keyboard stabs as you might hear on any stripped down techno track. Then they lift off into the most refreshingly nutty, live frenetic punk jazz all of their own. To me this is the cutting edge of the sort of post-rave/post-rock dance music I want to hear.

Its fantastic to see five very individual musicians enjoying the breadth to pitch their stuff at each other and ride each others riffs. They don't need a singer, they don't need a guitarist, they don't even need to speak to the audience or for the audience to look at them. They just make you dance. You know- fuck the verse chorus milarky- FUCKING DANCE.

They should be bloody huge. If you're a bit jaded with the verse/chorus/guitar solo gravy train you could do no better than to get down to see Chik Budo for free at this years bonkersfest on saturday. They are on at 6:15.
UPDATE: Bonkersfest was OK ish, The soundman took two numbers to get Chik Budo sound remotely accurate and then some stupid bitch compare pulled them off stage ten minutes later. What is the point of booking a band if you don't let them fucking play? It might have been free but WE WAS ROBBED!

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