May 26, 2007


I was really looking forward to the Temporary Autonomous Art show last week. We arrived to find it canceled by Police who had cordoned off each end of the road, keeping everyone inside under siege.

The danger of this event continuing was considered enough to divert a sizeable portion of the already understaffed central metropolitan police away from the Saturday night chaos of central London.

We went off to the Urban Voodoo Machine party at the Gypsy hotel in Dalston. I used to squat in Dalston 10 years ago and it was nice to be back in Turkish 24 hour land.

I had to laugh the other day reading about David Cameron taking his own party on about grammar schools. Now when there is talk of fast tracking plans for new Nuclear Power stations and out of town Supermarkets I read somewhere that he was telling government off for being in the hands of big business. What is the Tory party?

John Bird, founder of the Big Issue wants to challenge Red Ken for London Mayor. I have no opinion as to either of them being any good but I would enjoy seeing some sort of spat between their rival publications.

In other non news, why are the papers not full of the search for the South london Arsonist? The Cutty Sark might have been the most famous of recent fires but it's actually the third or the fourth of recent weeks. We had to close all our windows for two days only a couple of weeks ago as a huge amount of tyres went up locally. Seriously, there is someone going around setting alight to everything. Why aren't the papers on the case?


dweller said...

there've been some massive fires recently,
some in london another one in manchester. the other week there were three in the space of three days,
alarm bells were ringing in my head but el media are buttoning up.

DAVE BONES said...