May 02, 2007

JAWAD AKBAR: "I think the club thing you could do, but the gas would be much harder. Club stuff - there's people who even get in yeah, with like they're searching stuff yeah, but it's only the bouncers that search you."

"Bruv, just before we thing, you don't think this place is bugged, do you?"

OMAR KHYAM: "No, I don't think it's bugged bruv, at all. I don't even think the car is bugged. What we're doing, if they knew about it they wouldn't wait a day bro, they wouldn't wait one day to arrest me, yeah, or any of us."

Very sobering. Very chilling to read. I actually popped into this trial a long while back but didn't blog about it because of reporting restrictions. I got a horrible feeling that I had actually spoken to Anthony Garcia outside the mosque in Finsbury park. Its horrible to think that whilst I was fairly flippantly filming around Hamza's posse, cynical about any idea of home grown Muslims meaning us harm, two plots were actually being hatched. Its horrible for me as a fairly liberal British person to read words of terrorism in the "street language" of my country. I heard Hamza over and over preaching against bombing innocents here and Abdullah had me convinced, even as I was reading about the people of Al-Mujaharoun justifying terrorist acts in Europe. It doesn't mean of course that others around them didn't feel differently, and the security services have to distinguish between them. Good luck. I'm sure conspiracy theorists will take the unexplored link with the 7/7 bombers and the refusal of the authorities to launch a public enquiry as evidence of "false flagging". Fuck knows. I'm a long way out of all this. I just want to play my guitar.

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Anonymous said...

How did they get on to these fuckers in the first place? I mean, why did they start surveilling them?