June 29, 2007


How do you agree with two opposing points of view?

Last night on Question Time someone asked if Tony doing the Middle east peace envoy thing would cause a headache for Gordon Brown. Piers Morgan said:

"If it wasn't laughable I'd cry...It is outrageous that we have just accepted that he is doing it...People over there will think- Thats the guy who's going to bring peace to the middle east? The guy who just killed all our Muslim brothers and sisters?"

Later The evil Howard (of all people) said:

"I welcome this appointment...Tony Blair just may be the man to persuade president Bush to take part in this. If he is prepared to learn from mistakes in the past...and exert his influence to the maximum, he is a guy Bush will listen to."

I agree with both these points of view.


Twit said...

I love cats and dogs...
So no prob there, Dave ¦:¬|

I'm a big fan of QT, so I know exactly what you're referring to - Piers Morgan's just a well-meaning-entertainer, but Michael Howard's comment was quite surprising - although he did overcook the pathos (those stupidly-long pauses) too much for me to buy into it.

Maybe 'honesty' is the new spin...?

Got a bucket?

BigDog said...

IMO the Palestinian situation is insoluable. We should ahve no part of it. No money, no contact, no aid which they just turn into weapons.

Blair does have influence with Bush. The Blair = poodle thing simply didn't make sense. Consider, Britain has disproportionately large influence with the USA given relative size, population, military strength and economy. When Blair wanted anotheUN resolution before invading Iraq, he got it. That personal relationship will certainly carry over even with Blair out of office.

DAVE BONES said...

I think Piers Morgan has potential for a lot more. I was suprised how Brownite he came across, he didn't seem cautious at all.

"Honesty is the new spin" would be Tony Blair's epitaph and lasting effect on British politics.

As for the Palestinian situation, people said that about Ireland too. I never thought I'd see Ian Paisley sit down with Gerry Adams et all. People in the 1980s assumed inhumanity of Irish Republicans which you assume of Palestinians.

I was warmed by Michael Howards words and throughout my twenties I thought of Howard as the devil incarnate. We all did.