June 24, 2007

Hey, I can be skeptical about a Police state but I'm not a Muslim

If this is not a Police State, what is one? A foreigner in this country is a synonym for a criminal; a second class citizen. The facts speak for themselves and changing the name of things or giving them the cover of the law doesn’t changes their reality.

or an immigrant.
And some of the officers here were worse than in prison. Some were very good, kind and treated me well. But we were all foreigners there, and the British don't like foreigners. Some of the officers talked to us as though we were animals. If you are illegal, you are not a human being in Britain. That is the problem


BigDog said...

"Some of the officers talked to us as though we were animals. If you are illegal, you are not a human being in Britain."

If he is illegal, shouldn't the police treat him like a criminal? Note the operative word: "talk", he is upset by the way he was TALKED to by the police. He was apparently not beaten or robbed or denied due process, the police talked to the self-admitted criminal impolitely.

BigDog said...

Tough story tho. I like his opinion about lawyers. If half of what he says is true, he deserves a break from the bureaucracy.

DAVE BONES said...

Yeah there is a lot of hypocrisy about immigration in your country and mine eh. I tried to address it all to the National Front supporters but without much success, and I think some people thought I was actually in favour of the NF.

Obviously being a bit left I am pro sharing and against protectionism.

BigDog said...

There is hypocisy whenever politics is involved, which is kinda like saying there is always hypocisy. Bureaucracies inevitably become more concerned with proceedure and minutia than carrying out the spirit of their original purpose, or responding to actual human need. Bureaucrats in the US don't care about people, they only respond to advocate groups.

Regarding the second article, this unfortunate guy is really stuck. He's a stateless person with no one to turn to. I can't imagine being in that position. Can he join the British military and earn citizenship? If what he says is true, he says that he is an exception to the others in similar situations. How are illegals percieved in the UK? Are they workers or welfare cases? Illegals in the US are here mostly looking for work, and there are jobs for them so it works out. Outrage about illegals is largely about the accompanying criminals, imo.

I am skeptical of the first article. The tone strikes me as contrived outrage.

Regarding video link: I really don't understand what the speaker is on about when he said he would 'give everyone rights that no one has given us" or something to that effect.

'Protectionism' is anti-market. It never works and I oppose it too. What do you mean 'pro-sharing'?

DAVE BONES said...

I mean the 98% organising a take over from the top 2% in their own interest in a peaceful manner. Talking percentages what percent of your soldiers are trying to earn citizenship? Don't think that would go down too well here.

As for the guy in the film, no I didn't understand that bit either though I understand that the white working classes feel the most "squeezed" by immigration policies, whilst the rich sit in gated communities, though i think the UK might be a more transitional meritocracy than the US.

BigDog said...

"Take over", we call it voting. The American gov't is less centralized and has clearly limitred power. Local city councils have more power than the President over your average citizen's life. I still like toe piss and moan about increasing gov't power and centralization. :)

The number of immigrants in uniform who have become US citizens has increased from 750 in 2001 to almost 4,600 in 2005. That is out of a total of a bit less than 2 million serving in the military.

DAVE BONES said...

I'd call it voting if there were options.