August 07, 2008


Round and round we go... This is getting bigger. I can't quite believe they are going to have another court case.

The European Court of Human Rights has asked Britain to delay the extradition of the radical Muslim preacher Abu Hamza to the US.

US prosecutors want the 50-year-old to face trial on charges which include providing support to al-Qaeda.

He appealed to Strasbourg when British courts rejected his appeal against being sent to the US and the European Court wants to consider the case.
The Home Office has confirmed that it would follow the court's request.

Taxpayers face more bills as hate preacher Abu Hamza launches..
European Court Puts Hamza's Extradition to US On Hold
Extradition Delayed Is Justice Denied


Jihad is legal in Yemen-

The U.S. has spent millions of dollars in Yemen to help the government crack down on Islamic extremists who want to wage violent jihad against nonbelievers.

There is just one problem with the strategy: It is not clear that jihad is illegal in Yemen.

Last month a Yemeni judge, sitting on the state's special terrorism court, ruled that 19 defendants who had traveled to Iraq to kill American soldiers and fight alongside al Qaeda there had done nothing wrong.

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