August 04, 2008


I've not blogged any personal shit for a while so I thought maybe I'd catch up with myself. The band have been doing some great gigs in a local very hairy squatted pub which have been great fun. We usually get to come on about 1AM which is a really nice time to start. There is not really a stage, we play in a corner and people are dancing round us. At one of them I had chicks literally sitting at my feet. I had to maneuver some girls butt to get to my wah pedal. That's the rock star life no? Its been good fun using my loop box as well cos I can stick a loop in then go and open a beer and come back, or just have a jump about. Half way through the performance I invariably totally loose what the fuck I am playing but no one seems to notice.

On saturday we got invaded mid gig by three guitarists and a keyboard player. The venue is know for its jam sessions and we are a jam band so I think they just assumed. Three guitars is a bit excessive, but everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves so fuck it. The keyboard player was shit hot. I was too fucked afterwards to find him and get his number, he was playing a fuckin bitchin synth called a Nord lead. I think with this guy on keys we could do the whole festival circuit and maybe the apres ski stuff in France too.

I can't really go into detail about the other squatted venue we played, suffice to say that it was huge, and was once connected to the running of churches, and we were fucking worshiping man. So yeah, been having a great time steering totally clear of the London toilet circuit gravy train nonsense, playing where our heart is. I've been filming, I haven't seen any of my 'mentalist buddies for a while but I heard Atilla is OK doing his time. Mr fastfingers has done an interview for a little radio show connected to a studio he is part of. Its online here and he says some very nice things about me. they've got the name of the band wrong, hopefully we wont get sued by Warner Brothers.

What else have I been doing? Arguing with Republicans of course! This time about Mojo and Sea Water. I might not be able to spell but I think I've got em on the run this time no? I've just got to find a way of dying sea water black, making it thicker and burying it in the ground.

Last night I caught up with the excellent two parter Car Bomb on 4oD. An amazing doco presented by an ex CIA agent who was working in Beruit during the civil war. He took us from the first ever cart bomb (An Italian Anarchist bombing Wall st) through to the first Israeli car bombers, an American anti war bomber, "the troubles" in Ireland and on. He interviewed people from all sides who made them and drove them. There was a clear link in the train of thought between all of them. Do watch this doc if you can it is invaluable.

I've been fairly much off of anything serious drugwise, I've had the slowest dawning epiphany over the last few years. I am getting much more of a high from doing things than performing extreme feeling feats of fuckedness. It is a much more subtle high but it feels much more important to me at the moment. I am happier going with a crew to perform as best we can than I am heading out to "be entertained and consume", not that I think that isn't OK. I just remember the mid nineties feeling like those mice who have the wires attatched to their heads and keep pressing the buttons. The idea of raving feels that processional to me at the moment.


Twit said...

I'm not being a smart-ass, I just thought I correct you for your own info & for the sake of humankind in general:

That Channel 4 link in your post isn't 4oD. No, your link is to a site called Free Catch-Up. It confused me too for a while until I looked into it. 4oD is a far more comprehensive affair & appears to require a lot more fannying-around to get, so thus far, I haven't bothered..


Chicks at your feet, eh, Dave!?

It was only a matter of time.

DAVE BONES said...

You just have to download and install a player. there is a way of watching it without the player I think as well.