August 19, 2009


Last weekend my ex-girlfriend grabbed me along to Charlie Pi's exhibition in The crypt at St Pancras. I refused to google the address.

"How hard can it be to find a crypt attatched to St Pancras station?" said I distainfully.

We almost missed the exhibition looking round the new St Pancras Station, until a helpful Policeman suggested crypts are attatched to churches, usually underneath them, and that this one was probably opposite Euston Station as St Pancras was an area of London and not just a station.

My ex made a few suggestions herself.

This journey started quite a while ago when I had a habit of starting every morning with a bong and "I belive I can fly" by R Kelly blasting on the stereo. Someone stuck a flyer of Charlie's exhibition of the same name on my bedroom door which had a picture of Tupac with wings on it. When I got back from France there was another one advertising this exhibition which my ex noticed, so off we went.

The exhibition deals with Iconography of black musicians. It is in a lovely venue and we met Charlie there to find he has a studio near where I live. The Exhibition Black Man Kind continues til the 23rd Aug. My ex said all these pictures of black men made her feel a bit fruity.

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charlie pi said...

thanx for your vidit .glad you found it in the end. Great pics. thanx for the blog and keep your eyes open for our open studios in Sept.