August 24, 2009


I am loving Rick Steyns Far Eastern Odyssey on the iPlayer. I just love the food of South East Asia and I have had my wok out a lot recently, sometimes two woks when I make a meat and veggie version of the same meal for friends. I was in Thailand in 93 and I still miss the place, particularly the food, although smiling chicks chatting you up- even the girls behind the counter in the bank doesn't do any harm either. I have had my notebook out collecting a shopping list of ingredients. Recipes from the programme are here.

Rick Stein comes across as particularly camp in this series which I never noticed before, but he is out camped by loads of local TV chefs he meets on this journey. I really get the philosophy behind this cooking and can knock stuff up without following recipes as such, although I think I am going to pay a bit more attention to these hot salads because that is something I have never made which I remember noticing all those years ago.

I remember landing, all green in a foreign country, being scared of the street food, and the process over the three months I was there getting more and more into it until I was raging about it like Stein does in these programmes. That is the big differenece between Thailand and India. Both taste great, but in India you have to be really careful with streetfood, whereas in Thailand you dont at all. Even the simplest of set ups usually has a three washing up bowl process I used to observe whilst eating. I miss Thailand. Hope I can go back soon.


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