October 28, 2010


Someone wants to go back to jail. In the Sun (who owe me money) today:

TERROR fanatic Abu Izzadeen was freed from prison today — and shamelessly attacked the poppy as he left.

The al-Qaeda supporter — caged for inciting hatred and raising funds for terrorism — got a hero's welcome from 50 bearded cronies at the gates of Pentonville nick in North London...

...It's believed Izzadeen — formerly known as plain old Trevor Brooks — will now take centre stage as the public face of Muslim extremism in Britain.

His every word was cheered by a flock including sidekick Anjem Choudary and jailed hate cleric Abu Hamza...

Hamza came out and cheered and then went back into solitary confinement? I didn't think he would be allowed to do that but if The Sun say so it must be true.


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