October 26, 2010


Reported in The Sun (Who owe me money)

HATE preacher Abu Hamza's house has finally been sold — with the £257,000 proceeds going to UK taxpayers.

Jubilant investigators have also clawed back £3,000 from accounts linked to the hook-handed cheat. It means he can at last cough up towards a £300,000 legal bill — four years after his conviction for soliciting murder during hate-filled sermons.

Hamza, 52, tried to thwart the sale of the four-bed home he bought for cash in Greenford, West London, by claiming a sister living in Egypt owned it.Last night Legal Services Commission chairman Sir Bill Callaghan said: "We will not tolerate people attempting to hide assets to get defence costs paid."

A joyful Whitehall source added: "In the end he had to pay."


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