July 19, 2004


Very much enjoyed Mr. Griffins recent contribution to British Society. I’d like to pick out his reference to “ Punk Islamists” in our community. I think he was saying this in reference to young people of the Islamic faith from ethnic communities who would propagate the faith by rape. No idea who he is thinking of. How many of these people does he believe exist? I would love to introduce him to Samir and his brother or any of the young fundamental Islamists who pray in the street here. Maybe follow it with a phone in vote as to who is more proud to be British.

Listening to Mr. Griffin live on TV made me miss Mr. Hamza. What is it about the eyes? Blunkett is nuts and his eyes go all over the shop, Hamza is quite strange and has one glass eye and bloody hooks, Now we get Griffin with one Davaros eye. What the fuck is happening? It feels like Men in Black. Is David Icke right? Are aliens disguises malfunctioning before us on our TV screens? Can I get arrested for saying any of that? Relax guys! Everything is O.K. Most British people get on fine, now if we can just eliminate world poverty…

Maybe I have already witnessed a fight between Hamza, Griffin and Blunkett in Finsbury park, but someone in a black suit with sunglasses zapped me. I will search my tapes.

I’d love to send Barry the Boss in to arrest Mr. Griffin and co. They would have a very polite conversation then Barry would offer to come round Griffins house for tea. Fuck. I heard Hamza say that he had long conversations with Mr. Griffin and that he had some interesting theories. I’d like to get his take on Hamza for my film. If anyone reading this can lend me a camera…..HELP!!!
This war on terror is the ultimate nothing continued to happen story. Where are these waves of Islamic rapists? Keighly?
Hey! Maybe the Finsbury Park security guys are really masked because THEY are also aliens whose disguises are slipping!
My question for Mr. Griffin: Are you an alien? I wished I had asked Abu Hamza that.

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