July 16, 2004


I havent been able to attend Finsbury park mosque for a couple of weeks, so not a lot to update except for it seems impossible to get Hazma's lawyers to meet channel 4 lawyers. With Hamza's trial so close I wish I was further into the middle of it. If I had never approached a production company maybe I would be. Getting evicted was quite uneventful. Its nice to be back home, even though we are in court again within the week for the "new" place.

I've got to hand it to Jon Snow again for his snowmails. Apparently the Evening Standard are printing them. Probably for very different reasons to mine:

Lord Butler himself was at the very top of the Mandarin tree before his resignation and remains there tonight, not one of his mandarin fruit has been bruised by his deft weaving of fault and no fault, though his team found such fault with the new head of M16 John Scarlett that they have had to plead for his continuance.British establishment in full bore. Forget that people died for these 'mistakes' and 'misjudgments'. That was never mentioned today. More at: http://www.channel4.com/news/2004/07/week_3/14_butler.htmlEveryone survives. Only Dyke and Davies of the BBC had to go. Shoot the messenger. The rest ride out to fight again. The full monty at seven. What indeed would Monty have made of it? Biggest failure in the 'cousi belli' since Suez? Well hang on, even then, Nasser had actually seized the Suez Canal! At seven as ever is, see you then..in haste..Jack straw beckons me to the FCO,

Jon Snow

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