July 23, 2004


Another amazing day. Spent the morning in court myself. The judge bent over backwards to be nice but had to evict us again. The prosecution started off angry but we left on good terms. He was genuinely interested in our intention to become an official itinerant security service. If we can convince Camden councils surveyors that we wont hinder their work there could be continued life in the squat yet. Just got to enjoy it while it lasts.

I cycled up to Finsbury park. I knew Hamza's case was starting today but was unsure whether the brothers would be in Finsbury park or outside Belmarsh. When I arrived one of the brothers told me that they had all decided that I was unwelcome to film anymore. The only person in the entire country who is trying to get what they believe on TV and they don't want me. I asked why and he just told me to stop or else. I said that I didn't believe they were terrorists or that he was threatening me.

" We are people." he told me.

Fair enough. I tried not to take it too personally, they must be really paranoid of TV.

I've got a lot of film of this guy and I didn't want him to think that I was trying to stitch him up. Maybe he saw Secret Agent about the BNP and thought I was on the same tack. For the record, and for anyone who reads this- I am not. If any of the guys told me they were terrorists or intended harm to anyone in the UK I would film it, but I dont expect them too and have no intentions of making it up. I have been after the other side of this story for almost 2 years now. Its only because I got contact I could work with from the UBA that I ever considered showing both sides of this strange British situation at all. I was originaly exclusively after their side.

I was worried at how angry the guy was and checked with Abdullah, Hajj and Samir if I had upset them. They didn't seem worried, or to have any derogatory information about me.
Mr. Abdullah started asking why I had piercings again.I don't know if in the back of his mind he is thinking something he's not saying. That maybe my piercings are connected with something evil? I don't understand why with his friend in Belmarsh he is talking to me about my piercings.
It's almost like they don't want their side of the story to be out there, or they cannot accept that a non muslim like myself would be interested in the other side of the story.

Hajj actually helped me out by trying to explain to Mr. Abdullah what a hippie was but I think Mr. Abdullah was unhappy with my previous filming with Hajj( see HAJJ ON DOPE)

" Hippies have died out!" said Mr. Abdullah.

He told me that if I was on my own I wouldn't have piercings, so they must be for how I appear to others. Maybe this is true. Their views on how I as a product of British secular society look to them are really good for my film. Maybe we all misjudge each other. I hope so.

I am looking forward to seeing all sides of the story tomorow. The Police will be keeping UBA and Muslims apart. I hope I can get to speak to both sides this time. The icing on the cake for me would be to film a conversation between Mr. Abdullah and Stephen from the UBA. Presuming it could be kept under control I think these two could learn a lot about each other's perspective. Its a tricky one which will be hard to organise with the Police.

I am seriously wondering whether I may have wasted the last couple of years. I've put so much effort into this, should I just give up and do something else? Maybe only I and people who read this will have any idea of the sort of Muslim who really attends Finsbury park mosque- and everyone else will have to remain content with what the Sun says about them. Most people probably are.

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