July 26, 2004


Ridiculous. Al-Muhaajiroun call a protest in Trafalgar square and who turns up? Well first a group of Sikhs maybe 50 strong with blue turbans. Apparently Al-Muj have been slagging off Sikhism on their website, prompting all these people to organise themselves to come down without even a communal website.

The next group to turn up were the National Front, the smallest protest group here who had a flag saying that Britain should be for whites. I tried to talk to them, to get their views but they were unforthcoming.

"We've got photo's of you just the same as you have of us. We know what you are doing."

" What am I doing?"

I hoped they would enlighten me as I am not sure myself. I don't see anything wrong with recording peoples views. Do I look like a journalist? Do I look like a Muslim? They made further derogatory comments about my piercings and asked if I knew Graham Norton and if the spots on his arse had healed up yet. They also had a banner saying "British and Proud"

It was such a beautiful day, the square seemed to be teeming with beautiful black women, and a small pen full of pale faces who would rather they were not here. I'd love to be racist but I'm afraid I can't help thinking that mixed race women are often the most beautiful things about this planet, besides I am half second generation immigrant myself. Are these guys really only attracted to white women? One of the reasons I wouldn't move out of London is that I would be surrounded by white English people.

The NF site is interesting though. Along with a plan to peacefully repatriate people of colour over a 15 year period they also advocate workers running their own factories and believe there should be as diverse media as possible without monopoly ownership from abroad. It's a shame these people wont talk to me.

A larger group of UBA guys (and one or two girls) turned up. They had the largest "British and proud" banner by far. I recognised a few of them and was hoping to talk to them. I asked for Stephen ( the UBA guy who made contact with me) and said that I had arranged to talk to him.

" Course you have..." they said, instructing each other not to talk to me.

There were two minor scuffles, I think one person from the UBA was arrested and one from the NF. And Al-Muhaajiroun? I've heard a rumour they were in Essex.

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