April 29, 2007


via Chosen Man

The co-founder of the world's biggest gay online dating agency jumped to his death from an eighth-floor balcony after a night of taking party drug ketamine, an inquest has heard.

Gary Frisch, who made millions by creating the Gaydar dating website in 1999, threw himself from his apartment in Battersea in February after an allnight session on the drug.

An eye-witness said Mr Frisch shouted "Waheey" just moments before he plunged to his death.


Lazy said...


Like I've been saying a lot these days, the best thing we can hope for from this life is a good death!

Being shot dead in bed while having sex by the jealous boyfriend/husband would be up there in the top 10... but so has this got to be....

dweller said...

oh god,
I feel guilty that made me laugh "WAHAAYYY!!"