December 07, 2007


OK. Had just about as much as I can stand of the Hamid show, and I think, bar a few DVDs it is over. Has the taxpayer got their money's worth? I suppose so, syphoned through the costume drama of court. A jury have had explained to them a whole load of stuff both sides deemed necessary. Good luck to them.

"52 is not even breakfast? How many is breakfast for you Mr. Hamid?"

Mr prosecution finnished in his squeaky, nasal voice. Hunched over, finger and bottom lip protruding throughout he finally sat down slowly and dramatically. After more than two days both he and Hamid had stopped addressing each other almost entirely, turning to the jury instead.

These are the conversations of very British Islamists as recorded by the Police in 2005. I hope they are released and become part of some sort of curiculum. Fascinating.

I think the Old Bailey is a much easier place to follow a case as the public gallery entrance is totally separate. You don't have to walk past lawyers and senior anti-terror Police and you can also take notes. Its been nice to meet some of Hamid's family and a couple of the journalists anyway but for now I've had quite enough. As you can imagine I have lots of stories from those involved which will appear when the jury have reached a verdict.

I suppose the cases against Moussa Brown et al will take us up to Christmas, but err... not for me thanks. I've met Hamid on enough occasions to be interested in his plight and how it connects to Ailla Ahmet. I needed to see how he would explain himself. I don't know the others and would feel I was gawping at their predicament. I'm feeling quite toxic from the whole process now.

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