December 06, 2007


I woke up with a start this morning. I had one of those epic dreams which seems to go on forever. The low points were horrible. I was working in a restaurant. One of the staff pushed someone in with a rope around their neck, threw the other end over a high rafter and hung the person he was shouting at everyone else brandishing a gun. Everyone knew this person and was in fear of him. I was also, though I had a little gun in my pocket I was scared to try and use it and miss. I went down to the basement of the restaurant with this person and pretended to make small talk, clearing the tables.

In another part of this dream I was wandering with a group of people who were all naked. We reached a sort of marble platform which had plants intertwined with strange metal structures. needed a dump and told the others it was OK to shit anywhere. Pretty soon there was what looked like big rabbit droppings in amongst the plants. Then a group of people in chefs clothes came and started pouring chocolate onto the plateau. We hadn't realised it was a chocolate making facility and didn't tell them we had shit on it.

What is all that about then?

I have been able to get to the trial a couple of times. Cross examination is supposed to be the most interesting part but in this case it hasn't been. Its all a bit predictable. I would say it was a "boring score draw" between Hamid and the prosecution.

"You are a terrorist recruiter"

"No I'm not."

etc etc.

Hamid appears to be playing himself with his "I can assure you 150 percent"s and "I couldn't tell you pecifically" , I'm not sure who the prosecution guy is playing.

Hamid said he belonged to one of the same "four schools" that 90% of Muslims belong to. He added that Hamza had banned these schools from Finsbury park Mosque.

The day before yesterday was a bit more interesting as we had some live witnesses incliding Phil Rees. I got a chance to speak to him and had a look at his site after, I didn't realise he was behind probably the only "War on Terror" based stuff I have seen on TV that I liked.

Nasreen Suleaman, who had found all of the people who appeared in "Don't Panic I'm Islamic" also gave evidence and appeared in the Sun the next day for her trouble. the most interesting witness was a young Turkish Muslim who took over the witness box and told the court off for holding Hamid, as he was innocent. He said Hamid had always tried to steer him to the correct path, away from drugs and crime which had worked sometimes. He had never been in favour of or tried to recruit him for terrorism. He leaned right in to the Microphone to talk about conspiracy theories etc and didn't want to leave at the end, again protesting Hamid's innocence.

Another bearded young Muslim from Weybridge claimed Hamid had helped him get off alchoholism and lent him the money to accompany his group on a trip to Morrocco. He hadn't paid the full amount back. Cross examined he said that on the trip everyone argued with everyone else. They were angry with him because he snored loudly in the van. The trip was a success in that they achieved their aim of getting to Morrocco and getting back.

A very fetching blonde Irish woman spoke, saying she was an athiest who often talked to Hamid at his dawah stall and over coffee. She said he was frequesntly abused by passers by who called him "terrorist" and that when she was with him, passing Muslims also abused him for talking to her, calling her "Kaffir".

In the afternoon the defence showed the jury some of Hamid's conspiracy theory videos starting with Illuminazi, at which point I left because I've seen them all a long time ago. The Turkish Muslim guy who gave evidence gave me a couple of leaflets which had been on Hamid's stall including Terrorism and Islam: Exploding the Myths.

Yesterday I managed a few hours of cross examination which went back to the You're a terrorist recruiter- No I'm not strand of peculiarity. The prosecution guy is saying he is, Hamid is saying he isn't. For more information click on the links below.


Times, The Sun, The Sun again,The Mirror, Daily Mail, UPI ,etc

All of this has been synthesised from one journalist's work. Cos he is working for an agency he doesn't get credited so I'll credit him here. Well done Paddy.


Anonymous said...

Is there any concrete evidence against Hamid at all?

Hamid was under surveillance since 2004 (when he was at the Lake District (training?) camp site attended by 5 of the 6 July 21st accused persons & watched over by Plod &/or Mi5.

Hamid was also (still?) under surveillance by (Mi5?) Agent ‘Doud’ or ‘Dawood’, who appeared to facilitate a number of the 12 persons arrested at the same time as Hamid, by lending money, driving the suspects around etc.

With such intimate surveillance, if Hamid was a real terrorist threat, then those tracking him should have more than a few quotes (i.e. for breakfast) to prove that Hamid et al are real baddies.

Somehow all these terror charges do seem to be trumped up, each case involving silly charges with no real hard evidence presented. Such cases would never have appeared in court were it not for the October 2005 amendments to the 2000 Terror Act, which were rapidly pushed through on the back of 7/7 events.

interesting that Hamid thought that Mi5 'did' 7/7.

It is strange that Atilla Ahmet pleaded guilty & that his guilty plea was subject to reporting restrictions (any idea why that was?)– almost as strange as Manfo Asiedu pleading guilty, in the re-trial case management hearing, to the charge of conspiracy with persons unknownto cause explosions - the very same charge that was dropped against him and the 5 other accused in the original July 21st trial.

Something very fishy about this whole terror bollocks.

Thanks for your reports Dave - the press is devoid of any such reporting of the trial process, lest it is some scaremongering terror headline.

Interesting also regarding Nasreen Suleaman - she has an interesting background.

Anonymous said...

The dream...Meh, I used to have similar, I wrote them off as flashbacks. Now that I'm getting old I dream of large chested young ladies, free beer, and large chested young ladies bringing me free beer. I wake up disappointed every morning.

DAVE BONES said...

Flashbacks from acid or war?