December 06, 2007


Hamid seemed exasperated being asked about Atilla's statements. Some of them he agreed with, some of them he didn't. Some of them he was out of the room getting food. He was asked about Atilla's statements about those higher up in power being legitimate targets. Why didn't he stand up and say that is wrong? He said he followed it straight away by saying

"Fight only those who fight you."

What did he mean by sacrifice?

"Mr Bennathan (Hamid's QC) is sacrificing by being here when he could be in the Bahama's."

He said many people could attest to the fact that he warned people to stay away from Finsbury park Mosque. He had met top Muslim scholars as well as a Muslim Lord. The trustees of Finsbury park mosque could back him up. what seemed like the most incriminating statements of his he attributed to being talk about drugs, or he said he couldn't remember.

The jury asked for a scholar to verify what Hamid was referring to in the Koran. One of the jury handed up a note which said that Hamid seemed to avoid answering the question, instead going into a sermon about the Koran. Hamid said that a lot of what he was on trial for was attributable to the Koran.

What had he said to Atilla outside the Bridge to China which led Atilla to tell the group to get their story straight? He said he had read an article connecting the 21/7 bombers to training camps in the lake district and was paranoid. If they were arrested he didn't want people to tell fairy tales and give false names etc. He thought he could be sent to the States, or Guantanamo or whatever so he didn't want anyone to be able to say the wrong thing if they were infiltrated.

It was all very hard work and the court, which is usually too cold was way too hot today.

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