December 08, 2007


...Malcolm Middleton's song We're All Going To Die promises to be an antidote to the usual helping of festive cheer...

And here is someone who didn't want to die alone.

Merry Xmas!


Indigobusiness said...

Everyone dies alone, regardless. As it should be, I reckon. Problem is we can't figure out how to live together.

***Merry Christmas***

Twit said...

I'd like Mr Middleton's track to get to number 1 for Xmas..
& I haven't even heard it.

We're All Going To Die

That title is enough for me.
(I might even buy it)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

At least that old lady didn't feel the need to take anyone else with her.

Kids these days etc.

Bumhug ¦:¬รพ