March 19, 2008


The legacy of Iraq

I'm not sure how I feel about the Iraq war. I was talking to Mr Camel and we both agreed that we were pretty much against huge amounts of missiles being fired on a country from a great distance. Calling it "Shock and Awe" was ridiculously stupid.

I was on the big march the other day, but not fully behind it. I don't see Iraq and Afghanistan as black and white issues. I also don't see those who think they lead moves for change in this country as credible. I heard George Galloway saying that the "movement" had "Maybe been a bit too law abiding and a bit too peaceful". OK George where were you when children tried to stop the country? Why did you leave them to be picked up by the throat like kittens? YOU SAID we were going to try and stop the country.

You're full of shit George. Don't worry, I didn't try and stop the country either. As I said, it's not a black and white issue. In 2003, as lots of bombs were being dropped, it was for school kids.

thanks to Flee

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I.:.S.:. said...

'Shock and awe' - that was good, yes. I also like the way Britain's nuclear weapons are taken care of by a private company called 'Atomic Weapons Establishment', or AWE for short - geddit, geddit??